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Australia is known universally as the greatest island, the biggest continent country which has the world's most highly urbanized cities i.e., Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, etc.

Usually known as the land of kangaroos, its culture and diversity comprise the combination of societies and people that believe in modern and free living. This vibrant country is the most preferred educational destination due to its welcoming nature and unique kind of education and learning style that encourages one to be innovative, creative, and think independently.


Did you know?

35 Australian colleges are among the world's best-positioned colleges. 

The nation spends as much as 250 million dollars each year in monetary guides, grants, and awards for International Students


Why is Australia the best place to live and work?

Students around the world believe that Australia offers a great value of money and the standard of living that they get is the highest in the world. As we compare it from other countries for e.g the cost of living and the institutes or tuition fees is very affordable.

Another benefit that Australia possesses in the Asia Pacific rim includes paid internships by some colleges and universities during the studies.


Below are the reasons that prove why International Students Aspire to Study in Australia:-

 1. World-Class Education:-

Amongst the International Students Australia has become the third most popular destination in the English Speaking world as the country offers world-class education and for many because of the cultural diversity & friendly natives. 

Australian Universities also stood in the top 100 in the latest QS World University Rankings.

The University of Melbourne  • Australian National University   • University of Sydney  • University of Queensland • University of New South Wales  •Monash University is in the global rankings

The educational institution in Australia provides students practical as well as theoretical knowledge that prepares them to succeed in the future.

2. Great Work Opportunities:-

What attracts the most to International Students is that they can work up to 40 hrs a fortnight. This helps them to get a job for their living and as well if it is a study related work that will help them to get exposure in their field

3. Possibility of Exceptional Scholarship

Did you know??

More than 1000 scholarships are open each year to support both students in Australia and International students at regional campus locations in qualifications from a Certification and might be above. Tertiary Institutions will be able to apply for scholarships that are up to $15000 per year.

Not only this there are a number of scholarships and grants that students can get according to their eligibility.

4. Diversity of Education:-

Education Institutes in Australia offer numerous career options and courses for students to choose from. One should have a knowledge of what they want to pursue Australian colleges offer a wide range of graduate programs to higher postgraduate and degrees in various fields.

Students have the opportunity to study every major discipline, in both individual and collaborative projects which ultimately leads to the growth of an individual.

5. Cost Of Living:-

The expenses on the basis of living are determined by the education provider as the estimated or average amount. It also depends on the course and university and even the city you are selecting.  Generally, students are allowed to work for up to 40 weeks a year. Everything depends on how you are living. 

Also, Australia offers a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass485) that allows them to live in Australia and keep on working after they have graduated.

NOTE: Estimated/Average cost does not involve any social or sporting or any other activities you might be a part of.

Above are the major reasons that prove  Australia is an ideal study destination. Besides all of this country has a lot more to offer.

If you’re planning to move to Australia for your studies and need assistance in choosing course and universities, visa assistance and scholarships, and more