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Australia’s Top notch Universities popularly called THE GROUP OF EIGHT (Go8) are pioneers in the field of research and education and are known worldwide and their wide industry connections had attracted students around the world.

The GO8, a company that incorporated in 1999  

The University of Melbourne, the Australian National University, the University of Sydney, the University of Queensland, the University of Western Australia, the University of Adelaide, Monash University, and UNSW Sydney.

These clusters of uni are leaders in providing world-class education and have contributed immensely in the fields of healthcare, cybersecurity, agriculture, and more.

The Go8’s Chief Executive is Ms. Vicki Thomson.

The Go8’s Chair is Professor Margaret Gardner AC of Monash University.

Let’s dig deeper to know more about this cluster of top Universities in Australia:-

1.University of Melbourne  

Established in 1853, vividly known for its world-class education system and its contribution to management, research, and education.  

The university comprises ten separate academic units and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, and the Grattan Institute. Amongst the university's fifteen graduate schools, the Melbourne Business School, the Melbourne Law School, and the Melbourne Medical School 

These institutes are associated with the university and are well regarded.

This University has 7 main campuses located across Melbourne and Victoria. Also ranked 41st globally in QS World University Rankings 2021.


2.Australian National University

 Australian National University located in Canberra, established in 1946. This is an open research university and has been organized into 4 centers i.e School of Physical Sciences, School of Social Science, School of Pacific Science, and School of Medical Research. 

 And there are 4  major societies which are the Academy of Humanities, Academy ofScience, Academy of Social Science, and Law. For the students and faculty, there is a 24X7 library which is divided into 6 branches, and that library holds millions of books and research papers.  

This University is renowned for its cultural and co-curricular activities and the vibrant atmosphere of the campus.


3.University of Sydney

The University of Sydney regarded as the best institution in Australia

 Being in the capital and the campus is around the lively city and has all the necessary facilities all around for the students. Students from over130 countries come every year to pursue their studies. 

The University has some amazing faculty and a team of professionals for student support.

FACT:-  This University received a Royal Charter in 1858 from Queen Victoria, After receiving the Royal Charter, the degrees given by the university were recognized as equal to those provided by universities in the UK. 


4. The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is in Brisbane.  Aims provide academic excellence and career development to students. The University has some of the world's most renowned educators from diverse fields such as Advanced Engineering Building, Oral Health Centre, Pharmacy Australia Centre for Excellence, and Boeing Research facility. 

The University of Queensland ranked 2nd nationally by the Australian Research Council and also received second-ranking based on the average of four major global university league tables.


5. Monash University

 Based out of Melbourne city this public research university offers a diverse range of courses and programs that students can choose from. This University has four campuses in Victoria, Malaysia, a research and training center in Italy, a graduate school in China, and Mumbai, India.

Monash University was founded in  1958 and it is the 2nd oldest uni in the state. This university has been a home for many international students every year coming from all around the corner. 

Some of the famous Alumni from this university are:-

Anna Burke (Former Speaker of Australian House of Representatives)

 Doug Chappel (Comedian and Actor), Lim Guan Eng (Minister of finance, Malaysia) , Ian Macfarlane (Governor of Reserve Bank of Australia)


6.The University of New South Wales Sydney.

UNSW is a public research open University, established in 1949 and based in Sydney known for producing millionaire alumni and has been the top preference among Australia's eminent employers.

 There are eight campuses in Kensington, CBD, Randwick, Paddington, Cliffbrook, David Phillips, Manly Vale, and Canberra. You can select a program in any of its eight faculties, 47 schools, and 125 UNSW and external center institutes.

According to the 2020 QS World University Rankings, UNSW is ranked top 15 in the world for Accounting, Finance, and Law and 1st in Australia for Engineering and Technology.

 It has international exchange and research partnerships with over 200 universities around the world.

7. The University of Western Australia

UWA was established in 1911 and it is the 6th oldest university in Australia. UNW offers committed support to International Students and received a five-star rating by Universities Guide 2018 for its low student-to-teacher ratio.

The campus has some extensive art collections and theatre venues to its wealth of sporting cultural, social groups, and activities.

It offers diverse courses and subjects for students to choose from.

Rod Eddington (Former CEO of Ansett Airlines), Stephen Smith (Former Labor Federal Minister), Cheryl Praeger (Scientist of the Year, 2009) are some of the alumni from this university.


8.The University of Adelaide

With its main campus in Adelaide, The University of Adelaide was established in 1874 and it was the 3rd oldest university in Australia. 

The University of Adelaide comprises five faculty, with each containing constituent schools i.e., the Faculty of Engineering, Computer, and Mathematical Sciences (ECMS), the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of the Professions, and the Faculty of Sciences. 

Did you know?

 For the 17 Australian Laureate Fellowships, The University of Adelaide has been rewarded with an amount of AUD 11.93 million.


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