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Finding a job in a new country can be a daunting process but it is a great way to meet new people and develop new skills. Getting a job in Australia is quite an exciting as well as challenging task especially when you are new to the process and not aware of the right program and requirement. 

Australia ranks among the top 10 countries based on providing the best facilities, quality of life and education, and a work environment to the foreign skilled workers working on temporary and permanent visas. 

For a naive to face an interview and one can find difficulty in demonstrating themselves to the potential employers below are some points that guide you on how to get a job in Australia 

Step 1: - Understand your work rights. 

To make sure you do not breach any visa condition one must know their work right as an international student in Australia. On a student visa, an international student can work up to 40 hours per fortnight while classes are in session.  

Step 2: - Do your research. 

Research about the company profile and its background, job role and prepare yourself accordingly this research will provide you a better understanding of what the country does. 

Also, it will help you at the time of the interview and you will be better prepared. Employers look for a candidate who has relevant information about the job role and is not just submitting random applications. 

Step 3: - Read the job description carefully. 

Give attention to all details that are mentioned in the job descriptions. check that you fulfill all the points

Step 4: - Make a perfect resume and cover letter. 

Your resume should start with the most recent role defining your job history and the format should have a unique and perfect look. 

For the cover letter, you are directing to the employer and provide a brief description about yourself explaining why you want to work with the employer. Avoid any kind of error and submit this as a PDF.  

Step 5: - Submit your application. 

Follow it up to give a polite inquiry if you have not received any kind of feedback from the employer.  

Step 6: - Interview rounds 

You may encounter many rounds and sets of questions during your interview you need to prepare and be confident during the interview. From telephonic round to group, the interview makes sure you answer all the questions without missing key elements and finish strong. 

Step 7 -: Follow-up 

After your interview keeps a follow-up with the employer that you are short-listed or not. **If successful you will get a confirmation Email for the next meeting. 

You can find jobs on many online job portals. Good luck!!


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