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SAT/ACT and GRE are some competitive exams that are recognized by the universities. Planning to pursue engineering from abroad one should have a clear understanding of tests but sometimes students end up getting confused. These exams have the recognition globally and qualifying these exams can give the aspirants a great opportunity to get into top colleges.One should have a good knowledge of what they’re best at and identify which test they can give to the best of their ability. It is a big myth that giving both the exams will give more preference in the admission process. 

SAT and ACT exams  stand for Scholastic Assessment Test or American College Testing are tests that are recognized by the universities and colleges for admissions abroad. Applicants to undergraduate courses should fill the exams as per their knowledge and ability.

It is important to know about the criteria before filling it. SAT is accepted in the universities of,UK and US whereas the ACT exam is accepted in most of the universities in the US.


Here are some points that will give you a brief understanding of the SAT and ACT exam

  • SAT exams measure the student’s aptitude and verbal abilities whereas ACT is more towards academic learning.
  • SAT exam emphasizes more critical reading, mathematics, and writing whereas ACT involves majorly science and same English reading and writing.
  • In mathematics SAT and ACT involves the pattern that is the same as it requires sound knowledge in trigonometry, probability, and Algebra but SAT also involves Data analytics.
  • SAT exams are held 7 times a year while ACT exams are held 6 times a year.
  • There is also an essay test in SAT and ACT exam which is optional. In SAT essay tests student’s comprehension abilities are checked. While in the essay section of ACT will test your analytical and evaluation skills.
  • However, in the ACT exam science section student’s science-based critical thinking is checked and not any particular science topic or subject.
  • The exam fees of both are quite similar but it always better to check once and keep yourself updated.0

As we’re discussing the exam that is preferred by the universities abroad. There is one more test i.e GRE Exam as General Record Examination is also a standardized test that is accepted by over 160 professional schools and universities for graduation, masters, and doctorate degrees. The test given by candidates can secure their scholarships on a merit basis. The exam is conducted by ETS (Educational Testing Service). Candidates are evaluated based on their analytical, quantitative, and verbal abilities which is known as the General test. The other is a subject test which depends on the particular subject for a specialized course. The scores are accepted not only for engineering but also for the other department, especially for business and law.

Top English Proficiency Test that is widely accepted for studying abroad:-

The country gives preference to the language exam majorly English. One must have clear standardized English Tests to achieve the desired college and profession in the foreign. A few of the top English language tests which are utilized by the prominent study abroad are: -

IELTS: - International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the proficiency test in English that needs to be cleared for getting global immigration and for higher education abroad. This involves reading, listening, writing, and speaking. IELTS is vividly accepted by various institutions and over 140 countries. The requirement of scores depends upon the institution to institution.

TOEFL: - The Test of English as Foreign Language is an assessment for checking English proficiency so that aspirants can indulge in English universities around the globe. The private non-profit organization ETS (Educational Testing Services) that designs and evaluates the whole exam. Your TOEFL exam scores are significant until two years post the certification of your result. The test is conducted at various centers in most of the countries on the preset time table.

PTE: - The PTE Scholarly test is a PC based English language test acknowledged by instructive establishments around the globe. English Speaking nations are required to take the PTE Scholarly test to demonstrate their English language competency.US and most schools in the UK. CAE and CPE are given inclination by British colleges. PTE exam scores are also legitimate for as long as two years from the date of the test.

GRE, SAT, and ACT are general exams that need to be cleared to get admission in the engineering college abroad. 

Students should check the online and website of the respective universities as the criteria differ from university to university. The above information gives me a better understanding of the exams without any confusion. Hope it helps!!!