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To get a scholarship is a big struggle as one has to do a lot of research and  work hard to get the required scores. Students who dreamt of studying abroad and are facing difficulties arranging the finance can look for a scholarship


The scholarship is a kind of gift that doesn't need to be repaid. There is no fixed criteria or eligibility; it all depends on the institution. The scholarship might cover entire tuition fees or it might be a one time award of a few hundred dollars. Research about the Institutes go through their website or ask an education counsellors that will guide you about the institution and their eligibility of the scholarship and help you in the application process.


Some of the questions that lie in the mind of students are:-

How do I find  scholarships ?

What kind of scholarships are available?

When and how to apply of scholarships

When and how will I get the scholarship money?


You can find scholarships from various sources as mentioned above sources can be funding officers, check on institutes websites or consult an education counsellor , state agency counsellor but make sure that whatever information you can get must be relevant and do cross check. 

There are certain eligibility criteria that students need to fulfill. On the basis of merits , certain achievements or special interest or talent one can get the scholarships.

Primary motive of scholarship is to reduce the cost of education and lessen the amount of loan that is required for studying abroad.

Student accommodation, cost of living, transportation and many other things require funds but funds should not be  a barrier in your dream of studying abroad.


One has to be proactive should research well be aware of the deadline of filing the application and scholarship deadlines. If you’re planning from your high school then one should start researching your target college . Make sure you don’t miss any date.

Have all your documents ready for the documentation work hard for your goal;


You can check with the scholarship provider and either you will get the scholarship money directly from the institution by funding check or draft with application or the money will be given to the institution and the cost of institution fee or tuition  fee will be reduced.


If still get a doubt regarding the scholarship criteria and still having questions or doubts in your mind. Our experts will guide you through it 

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