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One of the most crucial decisions one high school senior student has to take is to select a field of study and the institution where they can get the best of the knowledge and practical exposure in their respective career.

Studying abroad is a dream for some , all countries offer a different set of possibilities and opportunities and it could be a daunting task with a plethora of opportunities choosing the right course and right institution can be a daunting process.

Ask yourself different questions, take your time properly, analyse what you can do best and where you can get the best for your career and spend time doing research.

Here are 5 things that needs utmost attention while choosing what and where to study:-



Some students know what their interests are and what they are good at, But some of them don’t and end up choosing the wrong field and regret later.

That is why planning is a must!!

         What helps the most is do research on which field , course and institution

          will give the best outcome and future prospects.

 Australia has some top Universities that offer a variety of courses  that lead  to PR pathway .One must check the eligibility criteria and application process and  scholarship opportunities 

Check accreditation, rankings on QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education World University Rankings etc and other factor subject ranking etc that will be discussed below.

 And if you find it confusing and want to avoid any mistake while opting college or uni then go directly to an education consultant that will help you in  finding best options, checking your eligibility accordingly,scholarship,application process and much more.



 If you’ve selected the country course the next decision is the university   and its location. For eg if you’re considering Australia as your study destination so there are regional areas and cities have certain values and each have their own pros and cons.

If the university is in the main cities it will have a different surrounding as compared to the regional one.Some regions are known for their expertise for ex:-regional Australia for agriculture, Western Australia for mining or Tasmania for maritime studies,etc,

And some fields are offered in a selected number of universities.

It all depends on one’s preference to live and what kind of institution and course you choose all these factors are interrelated.



Well!! Cost is an important factor to consider and to prevent student debt it is better to plan accordingly. Make sure you choose the affordable and the best option for your study abroad destination. 

Compare Institution Fee, Tuition Fee, Accommodation Facility and select  which suits the budget.

Fundings are a great way of supporting students financially.Colleges and Universities offers scholarships and some countries offers grants for students

But for that you need to research the eligibility of the scholarships and grants and procedure of potential colleges and universities. If you get any assistance regarding the information and application for scholarships and resources you go directly to the financial aid office or educational provider.


4.  On Campus Facilities & Amenities

On Campus Facilities are equally important as compared to academics as you’ll be spending your most of the time there and it shows actually what your education institution is offering.

Campus facilities and amenities includes all the required things that student needs while education and to dwell in the particular institution e.g  faculties, library, transportation, accommodation or hostel , cafeteria etc

Well recreational opportunities and facilities include tracks, courts., gymming area and sports tournaments inter college etc.


Research on the institutes and invest in that institute that provides you best of experience and education.


5. Career Opportunities

  Most of the students aspire to go to college for a good placement. 

Which is quite normal !!!

Career opportunities should be well laid for the students. Colleges invest heavily in career counselling and networking with companies so that the students get the practical exposure in their respective fields.

Check alumni section placement cell officers and even directly contact the counsellor in your college or university. They will guide you and help you in giving the best answers for your career.

You can also check the alumni and placements and tie ups of the companies  from the college or university’s website.


Above discussed are some factors that one cannot skip and make sure you do best of your research before enrolling into any institution.

If you’re still facing problems and want help in counselling, study abroad, scholarships and visa assistance.