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The United Kingdom (UK) is always regarded for its education system globally as having the most top-notch universities which are amongst the oldest and constantly secure their position in QS world rankings.

 Universities in the UK have to offer an amazing quality of life and career advancement and exposure for students . This country attracts large numbers of international students every year. It consists of both millennia-old to modern universities which serve best in serving the education and building their career prospects.


Below are 5 types of Universities in the UK that one must know if they are planning to move to the UK.

1. Ancient Universities:-

Did you know?

These are universities that were founded in medieval and renaissance times,  from c. 1096 to 1582. These universities still exist and constantly provide world-class education

The University of Oxford, Cambridge University, University of St Andrew, University of Glasgow , University of Aberdeen, University Of Edinburgh, University of Dublin are some of the uni’s that are categorized under Ancient Universities 

The corridors, lecture rooms there in the university are often hundreds of years old and standing still strong.

Also, these are old universities but they evolve their education system with time and always promotes modern culture and perspective


2.  Red Brick Universities:-

Universities that were established during the 19th century. Due to World War I in major industrial cities and that time there was a  growing demand for university-level study in subject areas like science, design, technology, and engineering. Etc These non-collegiate institutions admitted students irrespective of religion or background and majorly promoting critical thinking and analytical approach for solving the situation

 These universities to date lie in their respective location and are built in the middle of the cities. Some of the red brick universities are:-University of Birmingham, Bristol, University of Leeds, Liverpool, etc.

3. 1960s Universities:-

These Universities were formed between 1963 and 1992 based on the recommendation of the Robbins Report on Higher Education (1963).

 New Initiatives and progressive initiatives were taken in education syllabus teaching methods were reformed.

Universities established under this duration of 1963 to 92 were also called as Plate Glass Group due to their style of architecture and are built on green fields

Some of the Universities are:- University of Essex, Aston University, University of Kent, Lancaster University, University of Warwick, University of York, University of Sussex.


4. Polytechnic and Metropolitan Universities:-

Polytechnics, Further Education Colleges, Teacher Training Colleges, University Colleges, and other higher education institutions as part of reforms between the 1980s and 1990s. Although they have recently received their university status, their foundation is old . These universities are growing and offer new facilities and modern education.

Some of the new universities are:-Arden University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, University of Chichester, Plymouth Marjon University, etc


5. Russell Group Universities:-

  The Russell Group is a group of the top 24 British research universities, which are often compared to the U.S. Ivy league institutions. The group enjoys the reputation of receiving two-thirds of all research grant funding from the government 

The University of Birmingham, University of Bristol, Cardiff University, Durham University, etc are some of the Russell Group Universities.


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