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Adelaide - the capital of South Australia, known to be the world‘s top 10 most liveable cities. The friendly coast is a perfect study destination as it has the top universities i.e Flinders University, The University of Adelaide, The University of South Australia, Torrens University, Carnegie Mellon University

Usually, the student opts for Sydney and Melbourne as it is the capital but they don’t do proper research on cities and compare with the underrated cities. Adelaide is popular for its relaxing lifestyle, community living and offers the best affordable amenities.


Away from the hustle and bustle of the world megacities Adelaide is extensively spacious, safe, and has beautiful natural spots like Glenelg Beach and Adelaide hills. 

Below are the reasons that prove Adelaide is a great place for students for their education.

1.Academic Excellence:-

Adelaide has some of the best educational institutions and universities which aim to provide excellence. These universities offer a variety of courses and great placements. Also, the 15 Nobel Prizes awarded to Australians,

Some of the popular universities are mentioned above. 


2. Quality of Life:-

Did you know?

Adelaide is one of the most planned and happy metropolises on the planet according to New York Magazine.

Adelaide offers so much to its natives and the community living makes living even better. Settling in such a place where you have an all-time festive environment. Some of the popular events are Adelaide Festival, Adelaide Fringe, Test Cricket, Clipsal 500, etc.

It welcomes students from over 150 countries every year and the major reason behind is that it offers a great lifestyle and high quality of education.


3. Affordability:-

Living in Adelaide is quite cheaper as compared to Sydney and Melbourne and other big cities. Students can save their money and use it for their personal needs

It is 7% less if you live in Brisbane and Perth

You don’t have to take any load or pressure because of funds.

The estimated living cost somewhere lies around AU $ 355 TO 700AUD.


4. Discount on Transportation:-

There are free transit and bus services in Adelaide city center. International Students can save up to AUD$ 700 per year on transport costs. You can commute around the city easier and cheaper.


5. Job Opportunities:-

Adelaide offers job opportunities for graduates in the field of veterinary sciences, engineering, biotech, IT, and project management as currently, 304 major projects are underway. 

The university offers great jobs and internship opportunities for students. 

In South Australia, local industries are booming day by day which is good for your career after graduation.


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